Friday, July 22, 2011

A Conspiracy "Theory"

We live in a world of so much hatred and sin that being paranoid just goes with the territory of life. Things we think others might be thinking or doing against us are really taking place more times than not. And we're able to see these things in others not only because it's so common in our society because frankly our hearts are all so much alike. We all struggle with a messy heart, some to different extremes than others. You and I both know there isn't a pure heart in the world, except the one of God himself.

We balk at the very idea of a conspiracy in our society and we label it a mere "theory". In fact, evil and sin are so common in our world that we are far often dismissive of the very idea of conspiracy. Most of us have experienced a time or two where we've vocalized our concerns about an attack we felt on our lives or even our characters. Typically the person we express them to, in my experience, is dismissive of our legitimate concerns, and it seems to me that our society has become hardened to the extent of which Satan goes to in order to destroy any good in a person's heart.

I know this for a fact in my own personal life. As my heart longs for more of Him, the the heat from the battles in and around me get turned up a bit. Coincidence? Hardly. The Bible tells us that there are spiritual wars going on around us that we cannot see. His word warns us that Satan is hell bent on trying to stop us from giving God any glory. And since we are made for the mere purpose of glorifying Him, everything we do is prone to attack.

I hate to hear anyone, but especially a Christian, refer to the fact that people good. Have they not read the Bible? The Bible says there is no good in man's heart except that which God puts in us by His Holy Spirit. We are a rotten, wretched, mean-spirited, sinning race with sin in our minds and in our hearts non-stop. Have you ever stopped to analyze your thoughts against God's word and realized just how ugly most of them are? I have and the outcome was outright embarrassing and disgusting. I'm seeing so much ugliness in my heart as I continue to compare who I am against who He is.

Just when God begins to perform His miracles in me, Satan seems to take notice. More and more ugliness in me surfaces. I often wonder if I'll ever begin to come close to having a truly clean heart. But I am reminded that Jesus Christ died for us because we cannot do for ourselves what He can. His blood continues to pay for my sins daily, and sometimes hourly. We could have very well had a God who made us and stepped back to watch us for mere entertainment, but ours doesn't. His love for us is far more real and pure than any notion of love we could have. It's so amazing that we can't possibly wrap our tiny brains around it.

I'm convicted more and more that Satan does his best to keep us from sharing His love and His glory with the world. And the longer we refuse to accept and take notice, the more we'll get caught up in his tricks. I, for one, can play dumb anymore. I cannot claim ignorance or enjoy its bliss, if there is any truth to the old adage. Satan's increasingly at work around me and it's hard not to notice the fruits of his work. There's more selfishness, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and drama in the lives of people who pose the mere risk of bringing any glory to our Creator than there is in those who resolve that He doesn't exist.

The Lord's spoken to my heart about this and i can't help but share it. It's time to wake up, pay attention and be aware of what's going on around you. We've been given the word and we won't be able to use the excuse that we didn't know better later. Satan's an expert at keeping his friends close and his enemies closer and if you don't believe me, try to honor God in some way and see if you get any new battles from it. I encourage you to stay awake to the matter and resist his snares. I'm having to learn to do the very same thing.

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