Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Starting from Scratch

It is a new year and with that comes a fresh start. With the fresh start comes hope of a better future and freedom from shame and hurt caused by previous experiences. Each day brings a new beginning as well, but we so often overlook that. But even though a new beginning can bring relief, it can and often does bring about some very hard times.

Starting from scratch can be a very desolate place to be. It brings about a new scenery, many times of unflattering things in us that we've never seen before. It can be very discouraging to look at yourself and see how many changes need to be made in you. And if you don't have some truths to cling to, you may find yourself running back to your past sooner than later in search of familiarity. At the same time, starting from scratch provides a sort of redemption. It means we can shrug off the shame, hurt and pain for the hope of something better.

The thing about starting from scratch is that you have to have a goal and eager focus on the truths of your basic foundation. That brings up another point. Your foundation has to be solid, and if it isn't you need to ditch it for one that is. Otherwise the this whole thing is simply based on intentions, and good intentions alone never accomlished anything. I only know of one foundation that is solid enough to withstand anything.

I know what it means to start from scratch - to realize just how little I have to offer on my own. I have come to think that those who endure the walk come to this realization over and over  in life. It's not just a one time thing, if you truly want to keep growing.

On one hand it can be discouraging to see how wrong my mindsets, motivations and intentions really are. It stings to see my heart in the eyes of God sometimes. And it is also quite intimidating if I don't know or forget some basic truths. There have been times when I've seen felt crippled by the mere thought of the amount of change I need.

But on the other hand, that fresh start just confirms that God is still working in me. It means I don't have to cleanse myself from the issues I have. I don't have to, nor can I make myself better. But I can listen, and I can follow the lead of the One who does. It means He loves me too much to let me sit and grow stale. But he requires my obedience.

I hope you savor the opportunity of a fresh start in some area of your life. Don't let it intimidate you. We weren't called to let fear stop us.

(Those of you who have been here before know that I haven't written in months. I felt called to sit out for a while to learn some things. Thank you for returning.)

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