Friday, March 2, 2012

Starving for Information

I like to write, but I also love to read. I especially love to read in order to learn from the experiences and ideas of others. I never, ever want to discredit the Bible, but I'm a big believer that one of God's gifts to us is each other and I think we take it for granted when we don't want to learn from the things He has shown others. Even though none of us see things the exact same way, being teachable through our willingness to learn from others helps us to think outside of our own boxes. I am so guilty of being stuck in my own box and not being able to see outside of it at times makes me nuts, so I seek to understand more than I am naturally able to by reading. He has used others so many times to help me to see things another way and It's time I share with you some of my favorite sites on various topics. However, we should never underestimate that the Bible, above all things, is our BEST resource.

I hope you'll find some you like and, most importantly, that God will help you to learn something new. I invite you to leave a comment and share some of your favorite articles and blogs with me as well. I might even share them on my blog in a future post.
Thanks and God Bless.

Love, Marriage & Relationship Blogs
Marriage Works - I love this sites articles on how to apply godly principles in marriage.
To Love, Honor and Vacuum - Sheila Gregoire talks about various marriage topics and has recently written a book for the ladies. She also has a contest going right now where you can win money towards a 2nd honeymoon.
The Romantic Vineyard - is a husband and wife site that focuses on offering Christian guidance for all stages of marriage.
The Generous Wife - a blog written for the woman's point of view that draws a great picture of the perfect Christian marriage.
The Generous Husband - the companion blog to the Generous Wife blog, written especially for men.
Love and Respect - a blog surrounding Ephesians 5:33, written by a known author and speaker, about the importance of love and respect in marriage.
365 Acts of Love - written by a man who is using his blog to help him focus on showing love to his wife daily. I have genuinely enjoyed this short read everyday.
Happy Wives Club - a blog by a woman who truly loves being married and encourages others to do the same. She has grown quite a large network of women she calls "The Happy Wives Club".
Journey to Surrender - a marriage blog with wonderful tidbits of marriage truths and advice.
One Flesh Marriage - a blog written by a couple, who through their own struggles, are compelled to share what they've learned about a godly marriage.
Marriage Gems - offers research-based marriage tips and advice.
Encourage your Spouse - offers great advice to husbands and wives, encouraging married people to have meaningful marriages.
"Husband", a User's Guide - is a site obviously for husbands who want to have a godly marriage, helping them to relate to we complicated women. However, I have read many of his articles and they have helped me to understand a lot.

Other Blogs / Sites
Michael Hyatt - has many great articles full of encouraging and godly information to help us to live more intentionally.
The Dobber Times - is a site by a local preacher, John Dobbs, that is full articles about Biblical topics.
The Thriving Family- is a Focus on the Family's site and has many great articles related to family topics.
The Handwritten - is a site where the author writes handwritten summaries about Bible verses, making you see the verses in a whole new light in many cases.


  1. Thank you for posting these blogs! I'm always looking for more ways to grow in Christ- in what better way than through blogs?!

  2. Awesome, Manda. I hope you found something you were blessed by. Please feel free to share anything you know of that I might enjoy, if you run across anything.

  3. Jennifer - thanks o much for including us on this list. You've introduced me to some new sites as well. I'm going to refer people to your list for extra marital aids.


  4. Replies
    1. I don't know if you saw it, but I pointed to your post yesterday from the Marriage Works! blog: Additionally, it got almost 60 likes on our FB page.

    2. No I didn't but will look. I guess I missed that you were on facebook all wrapped up in the articles. Thanks so much for your kindness. I truly appreciate it.

  5. Great compilation!

    Some of our marriages have had troubles and benefit from blogs/resources that are targeted to us or written by people who have had similar struggles. Here is one, but the authors have taken a sabbatical at the moment:

    Anybody have more suggestions?

  6. Thanks Christophe, I have to check that one out. You are so right, this stuff helps so much when you can relate because of similar stuggles.